Minggu, 13 Desember 2009

that shoes or this shoes? I'd rather die than have to choose one of them

I was born to be a shop-a-holic. and you know what? I don't mind about it, at all :D

sometimes, people are annoyed because the behavior of shop-a-holic. they take time to stand for long attention to the items on display in shop windows that have not been open yet, they spend the money to buy expensive goods that are not even useful, and worst of all, THEY EVEN sacrificing FOR ANY GOODS - THINGS THAT THEY WANT TO BUY! people are annoyed of it. but not me.

because.. I am the shop-a-holic

because.. I am the shop-a-holic

because.. I am the shop-a-holic

because.. I am the shop-a-holic

(ceritanya bergema)

and now I'm dying, I NEED TO GO SHOPPING NOW rgh I do really need to spend money in nearby stores

but.. my driver was going to take my sister (bahasa inggris gue ngaco ya haha)

okay here's the story

I'm looking for new shoes that are booming right now, like Ankle Boots, Oxford Shoes, and Pattern Shoes. (besides, the Flip was not booming anymore). I want them. I need them. I like them. I love them. I want them (lagi). Immediately I opened www.bloopendorse.com, and look for these shoes. and guess what I found. I found the shoes that very, very attractive, and affordable too!

want some? YOU CAN'T HAVE IT!!!!
whuttdya think about it? cute rite? I guess you would say "yes"
hmm... nyummy................................................................................
before I bought it, I had to ask permission first. hopefully I'm allowed to buy it
I had to buy the shoes! NOW! before the shoes are sold out!

and the thought was to go straight away when I found the shoes more interesting. (this time I will not enter the picture into the blog because I am 100% sure you will be interested and want to buy it before I bought these shoes, NADA!)

I was confused to choose which shoes. because both are very interesting. I am very confused. very, very confused. What should I do? I was suddenly depressed. I suddenly lost hope for life. I suddenly have no purpose to breathe again. (lebay) hahaha kidding. jeez. Your face is red from laughing out loud hahaha. ah it's raining outside! (not important). sorry, my bad habits begin to appear. like a joke but not funny. hahaha. (again I laughed)

enough! I'll stop.

hahaha. (again).
so, I must hurry to go shopping! byebyeee

HAHAHAHAHAA (for the last time I laughed)